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Student Opportunities in the UBC MEL and MHLP Program

January 10, 2020
UBC MEL MHLP Welcome Day 2020

On January 6th, over 100 students arrived at UBC to begin their Master of Engineering Leadership and Master of Health Leadership and Policy degrees.

Experienced professionals from around the globe arrived with enthusiasm and exuberance for the upcoming year. Knowing that the program specializations have been designed to challenge, inspire and empower the candidates, the atmosphere was one of determination rather than apprehension.

The introductions brought talks from James Olson, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Teresa Pan, Assistant Dean of UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School and Helen May, former Associate Director of the MHLP & MEL degrees. They each spoke in turn about the opportunities the program brings and the engagement the students will be having with key industry contacts as they progress in their studies.

UBC MEL MHLP Welcome Day 2020 James Olson

They also highlighted the professionalism of the program.

With a combined total of 937 years worth of professional experience, the 2020 students bring a level of understanding and industry skill development to the program, rarely matched by other graduate degrees.

This level of expertise translates into students taking this into their work and interactions with key stakeholders, throughout British Columbia.

Each speaker highlighted the MEL & MHLP degrees’ importance to the university, industry, and future of engineering and healthcare job market demands and needs.

This was supported by Chris McKinnon, former MEL and MHLP’s Employer Relations & Careers Manager who also highlighted

the need for strong defined leadership in the market to navigate and steer industry and communities through upcoming times of change, development, and adaptation.

UBC MEL MHLP Welcome Day 2020 James Olson

Following further discussion and engagement activities, students were able to meet with their program directors to gain their first insights into their upcoming academic pursuits. Students were able to speak directly with their instructors and start building relationships. It was also a chance to connect with peers and colleagues specializing in the same field.

While it was an action schedule filled day, it is only the first of many the new cohort will experience on their way to a new future of becoming specialised leaders.