Translate innovations in green chemistry and
sustainable manufacturing into entrepreneurial ventures.

Challenge the status quo

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Sustainable Process Engineering is a professional degree for engineers who want to develop and commercialize products and processes that are sustainable by design, safeguard the environment and make the best use of existing resources. This interdisciplinary master’s program combines graduate-level engineering courses taught by the world’s leading researchers on sustainability with UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School courses – giving you the skills and confidence to take your career in new directions.

Addressing the twin challenges of maintaining economic progress and environmental stewardship necessitates a paradigm change in our industrial economy. The MEL in Sustainable Process Engineering will facilitate this shift by training the next generation of engineering leaders and entrepreneurs to develop cleaner products and processes using renewable feedstocks and clean energy and to re-engineer existing industrial processes to reduce their carbon and energy footprint.

Choose engineering and business

The MEL in Sustainable Process Engineering offers a unique combination of technical and business courses – giving you a blueprint for technopreneurial success and translating innovations in green chemistry and sustainable manufacturing into new ventures. Engineering courses explore chemical processes and biotechnologies, covering reaction and reactor engineering, process systems engineering and sustainable operations. Business courses offered by the top-ranked UBC Sauder School of Business give you a solid foundation in business strategy and innovation, operations and logistics, project management and organizational leadership.

Gain a competitive edge

In this 12-month program you will:

  • learn to design new chemicals, materials and fuels with improved properties and performance by applying advanced concepts in molecular sciences and engineering
  • sharpen your technical and analytical skills through a project-based curriculum that covers all stages of the industry value chain and incorporates hands-on learning opportunities
  • study under renowned faculty and industry experts at one of the world’s top 40 universities and the leading institution in the world for research on sustainability
  • expand your professional network while collaborating with other MEL students
  • gain the fundamental business, project management and interpersonal skills to advance your career and confidently take on positions of increased responsibility or entrepreneurship

“Saving the world and ensuring a better future requires bold ideas in both engineering and business.” – Dr. Vikramaditya Yadav

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