UBC MEL MHLP Professional Leadership Master Degrees

Student Projects

Technical classes offer exciting opportunities for industry-driven projects where you will work with your peers to apply your knowledge to a real-world issue. Read about some recent projects where students used their technical and business knowledge to develop practical, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Student projects

UBC MEL CEEN Student Project - Biomass Energy Feasibility
Creating A Biomass Energy Feasibility Study For A First Nations Community
Clean Energy Engineering student Harshil Trivedi conducted a biomass energy feasibility study for a First Nations community in northern Alberta.
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UBC MEL IWME Student Project - Water Safety Plan
Developing A Water Safety Plan
Two Master of Engineering Leadership students developed a comprehensive water safety plan for a small island community in British Columbia that addresses water quality risks from source to tap.
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UBC MEL NAME Student Project BC Ferries Fuel Efficiency - Instructor Reflection
Using machine learning to improve vessel fuel efficiency
Under the guidance of visiting professor Fredrik Ahlgren, two students from the Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering Leadership in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering worked on a project for BC Ferries to develop a machine learning model that can predict vessel fuel consumption.
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UBC MEL AMM Student Project BC Energy Step Code for Commercial Buildings
Implementing the BC Energy Step Code
As a Sustainability Scholar, Madhur Motwani advised a local municipality on ways to successfully implement the BC Energy Step Code for commercial buildings.
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UBC MEL NAME Student Project Naval Data Visualization
Improving Naval Vessel Operations Through Data Visualization
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering student Gaby Marino completed a student project where she investigated the potential for data visualization software to streamline operations on naval vessels. She talked to us in August 2020 about her work.
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UBC MEL HPB Student Project Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Review
As part of his capstone project in the MEL in High Performance Buildings program, Chris Moore took on the challenge of improving the energy efficiency of a recently built LEED Gold building on the UBC campus.
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UBC MEL URSY Student Project Smoke Free
Investigating the interplay of health policy and the built environment
A research project conducted by three Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Urban Systems students explored whether designated smoke- and vape-free areas were successfully deterring people from lighting up.
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UBC MEL CEEN Student Project Community Power
Generating change
For his capstone project in Clean Energy Engineering, Derek Oppedisano developed a business case for supplementing diesel-powered electricity generation with lithium ion battery storage in a remote community.
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UBC MEL CEEN Student Project Kambo Energy
Helping communities make informed energy decisions
For her capstone project, Anna Swanson analyzed the potential greenhouse gas emission reductions and financial implications of both supply-side and demand-side strategies for remote communities, and then developed a tool that they can use to determine where to begin investing.
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UBC MEL HPB Capstone Project Daniel Eden
Whole-Building Energy Modelling
For their capstone project, students in the High Performance Buildings program developed energy models for a research lab in Prince George, BC, to explore the potential of three certification standards.
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UBC MEL NAME Student Project PSI
Launching An Incubator Program for Startups in the Shipbuilding Industry
MEL students in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering hope to meet the needs of students, startups and large industry players.
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UBC MEL in CEEN Capstone Showcase
Clean Energy Engineering: Making the Case for Solar
MEL students apply their skills to optimize a solar-powered microgrid.
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UBC MEL in URSY WiFi Group Shot
Increasing Citizen Engagement through Free Public Wi-Fi
MEL in Urban Systems students worked with the City of New Westminster to explore the impact of added free public Wi-Fi zones.
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UBC MEL in URSY UPAL_Kevin Chen and Zeshand Nurani
Using Occupancy Data to drive Sustainability Decisions
MEL in Urban Systems students Kevin Chen and Zeshan Nurani explore the potential of Wi-Fi occupancy data.
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UBC MEL in Clean Energy Engineering Capstone Project 2017 Kerry Shaw
Holistically assessing Building Performance
MEL Clean Energy Engineering student Kerry Shaw piloted a tool to help UBC identify if new buildings are living up to expectations.
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Making the Business Case for fast-charging Fuel Stations
Student Swathi Bhat has ideas for how to make electric vehicle fast-charging stations more profitable — and more prevalent
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Edmonton Blatchford Site Redevelopment
Turning a brownfield site into a sustainable community: Students developed design concepts for sustainable, livable, mixed-use multimodal and innovative neighbourhoods
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Research to Action: Advancing Urban Sustainability
MEL students participated in the “Research to Action: Advancing Urban Sustainability” conference
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UBC MEL in CEEN Capstone Project Eric Cheng
Bringing Wind Power up to Speed
Student project finds ways to remove limits from one of Canada’s most valuable energy sources
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Using Unconventional Energy Sources to fuel District Energy
A student’s project underlines the benefits of district energy, and the innovative ways in which clean energy can work
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