Clinical Education

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Read about the successful graduates of the MHLP in Clinical Education program, who have gained the technical skills and business knowledge to increase their employment opportunities and advance their careers.

Our students come to the program with wide-ranging professional experience and perspectives. Over 12 months, they learn from clinical education experts about best practices in creating collaborative learning environments. Our students also learn the language of business, gaining fundamental insight into business strategy and leadership through courses offered by UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

It’s a unique hybrid degree program that is enabling our graduates to move into new areas of practice, take on positions of increased responsibility and confidently lead teams and complex projects.

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Imagine how the 12-month MHLP in Clinical Education could benefit you.

Our first cohort graduates this year – come back soon to discover their journey.

Clinical Education

Clinical Education

Develop the educational strategies and leadership skills to create caring, collaborative clinical environments.

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