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The UBC Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and Master of Health and Leadership and Policy (MHLP) are unique, one-year professional degrees that strengthen practicing professionals’ sector-specific technical skills while advancing their business and leadership expertise.

As a result, you get professionals with on average 5-7 years of experience who are natural integrators. Graduates from the MHLP and MEL programs combine their industry experience with learnings from the program to expertly help you manage people and projects. They are ready to lead teams, bridge communication gaps, and direct complex projects that require detailed sector-specific analyses.

Developed in collaboration with the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, UBC Sauder School of Business — recently ranked #1 in Canada for Business by Maclean’s — the MEL and MHLP programs are uniquely multidisciplinary in their approach. Currently, there is no other full-time graduate program in Canada that offers this unprecedented blend of industry specialization and globally-ranked, master’s-level business training.

Hire a UBC Master of Engineering Leadership Graduate

Hire sector-focused engineers with on average seven years of experience in a variety of specializations including:

MEL graduates are ready to help you manage teams and exceed project goals by leveraging their technical understanding and leadership training. Hire now >>

Hire a UBC Master of Health Leadership and Policy Graduate

Hire experienced health professionals who specialize in:

MHLP graduates are trained by world-renowned faculty in a collaborative research environment that prioritizes experiential learning opportunities at the clinical and community levels.
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