Move your career forward as
a health-care specialist dedicated to
improving patient outcomes and
fostering the well-being of seniors.

The MHLP in Seniors Care is designed to enable participants to lead, design and deliver comprehensive care and services for seniors in a range of community and institutional settings. Graduates will gain in-depth knowledge about the unique health of seniors, seniors care, and business operation in seniors care facilities. The technical and leadership knowledge and skills that participants acquire can be applied in public sector, private sector and non-profit facilities — making them highly sought after service providers and leaders.

Watch this video and learn more about this technical management program from our students and professors.

In just one year, this master’s degree will:

  • immerse you in best practices in seniors care as you explore the development of care strategies, use conceptual and analytical tools and examine strategies for leading operations and maintaining quality
  • broaden your sector-relevant skills through a project-based curriculum that covers all stages of the industry value chain
  • provide a dynamic learning environment that follows a project-based curriculum
  • offer opportunities for you to collaborate with world-renowned faculty from the UBC School of Nursing and local leaders in public and private sector practice sites
  • help you advance your career by balancing technical learning with in-depth leadership courses on project management, business and communication
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Featured Faculty and Staff

Seniors Care
With our aging population, there is an increasingly urgent need for people to take on management positions in seniors care – people who combine skills as both practitioners and leaders.
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