Apply your technical and leadership skills in
private and public sector organizations involved
with water use, treatment, research and protection.

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Integrated Water Management is designed for engineers and environmental science graduates who want to develop and lead advanced and sustainable water management initiatives. Participants of the program will learn how to apply physical, chemical and biological unit operations and processes to water resources, and will become conversant with regulatory and environmental frameworks.

Due to the growing demand in the public and private sectors for water management professionals, graduates of this program will be highly sought after for their combination of leadership and technical sector-specific skills.

In just one year, this master’s degree will:

  • equip you with an understanding of the aquatic environment; how to apply physical, chemical and biological unit operations and processes to water resources; and increase your familiarity with regulatory and environmental frameworks
  • broaden your sector-relevant skills through a project-based curriculum that covers all stages of the industry value chain
  • provide a dynamic learning environment that includes working on collaborative projects with students and faculty
  • offer opportunities for you to learn from world-renowned faculty and industry experts
  • help you advance your career by balancing technical learning with in-depth leadership courses on project management, business and communication

Watch this video and learn more about this technical management program from our students and professors.


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Integrated Water Management

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