UBC MEL MHLP Professional Leadership Master Degrees

Invest in Your Organization by Supporting Your High-Potential Employees

When you invest in your employees’ leadership development you are investing in the future of your organization.

One way to do this is to encourage your high-potential employees to pursue a postgraduate professional degree so they can gain new skills and perspectives on the issues facing your industry. With their new knowledge and insight, these employees can make an outsized contribution to your company, helping propel new initiatives and strategies.

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) is a professional postgraduate degree that offers a transformative experience for early- and mid-career professionals and their employers.

This unique interdisciplinary degree combines graduate-level engineering and technical courses taught through UBC Faculty of Applied Science with courses on business and leadership topics taught through UBC’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School of Business.

Students graduate with new perspectives on the issues facing their industry as well as skills in leadership, project management and strategy – making them superbly positioned to lead projects and teams.

Add Value to Your Bottom Line

MEL graduates are innovators and integrators who add value to your organization as:
  1. Integrated leaders who combine a deep technical knowledge of their sector with an understanding of business, strategy and leadership. With their ability to see the direct correlation between technical decisions and operational performance, they make better business decisions and are able to identify new ways to achieve organizational goals.
  2. Expert communicators who can confidently engage with a wide range of stakeholders – from technical experts and members of the financial team to external consultants, policymakers and the public. This generates trust and buy-in for projects and business strategies.
  3. Team players who share their new knowledge and skills within the organization and empower other members of the team to benefit from these innovative perspectives. Students learn from world-renowned experts in their field, exposing them to an incredible depth of innovation, experience and knowledge.
  4. Cross-silo innovators who know how to build effective teams. With their strong interpersonal and communication skills, MEL graduates are positioned to expertly lead and manage multidisciplinary teams to achieve strategic goals.

Full- or Part-Time Program Options

The UBC MEL and MHLP are 12-month full-time professional master degrees, with 24-month part-time options available in Integrated Water Management and Urban Systems.

The 12-month program enables your employees to achieve their postgraduate professional degree in one year, allowing for an accelerated return to work compared to a conventional two-year master’s degree. When your employee returns, they bring with them new skills, focus and energy and are immediately able to take on advanced positions and contribute the full scope of their education to their roles.

The 24-month part-time program allows your employees to balance their leadership development education while continuing to work. This ongoing connection is of great benefit to both employers and employees, who can immediately apply the best practices they are learning in the classroom to your operations.

Uniquely multidisciplinary specializations

The MEL offers an innovative blend of industry specializations and globally-ranked, master’s-level business training, with specializations in:

Ready to Support Your High-Performing Employees?

For organizations that want to be employers of choice, investing in professional development enables them to attract and retain top employees, build a progressive culture and benefit from innovative leaders who can guide teams to reach ambitious goals.

Many organizations offer academic leaves and/or contribute to their employees’ tuition fees, knowing that the return on investment is significant: a loyal employee able to lead teams and innovate thanks to their cross-disciplinary insight and knowledge.

Transform your high-potential employees into effective, inclusive, and innovative leaders.

Please reach out to us to learn more about what program options are best for your employees.