UBC MEL MHLP Professional Leadership Master Degrees

Invest in Talented Health-care Employees for a Better Future

In the quickly evolving landscape of health care, investing in the ongoing professional development of your high-performing employees is imperative for ensuring you have the leaders needed to innovate and deliver patient-focused care initiatives.

Many health-care professionals choose to pursue a master’s degree to advance their skills and gain new insight into sector-specific issues.

If you’re looking for a transformative experience for your employees, the UBC Master of Health Leadership & Policy (MHLP) is an excellent choice.

This professional postgraduate degree offers a unique multidisciplinary experience for early- and mid-career health-care professionals by combining graduate-level health-care courses taught through the UBC School of Nursing with courses on business and leadership topics taught through UBC Robert H. Lee Graduate School of Business.

MHLP students graduate with new perspectives on the issues facing health care and patient care, as well as skills in leadership, project management and strategy – making them superbly positioned to transform patient outcomes, propose and champion innovative ideas and inspire teams.

Add Value To Your Bottom Line

MHLP graduates are health-care leaders who add value to your organization or practice as:
  1. Critical thinkers who have the ability to analyze health-care and business information and then propose innovative strategies. With their ability to see the direct correlation between health-care operations and patient outcomes, they make better decisions and are able to identify new ways to achieve greater patient satisfaction.
  2. Expert communicators who can confidently engage with a wide range of stakeholders – from health-care managers and leaders to external contractors, frontline staff, patients and families. This generates trust and buy-in, which is crucial for advancing health-care initiatives.
  3. Team players who share their new knowledge and skills within the team and empower others to benefit from their innovative perspectives. Students learn from health-care experts in their field, exposing them to an incredible depth of health-care practices, experience and knowledge.
  4. Adaptable professionals who demonstrate flexibility to adjust to a variety of health-care eventualities and are able to act quickly when needed. This ensures that health-care initiatives, projects and objectives quickly adjust to align with changing external and internal circumstances.

Full- Or Part-Time Program Options

MHLP specializations are offered as either a 12-month full-time or a 24-month part-time program.

The 12-month program enables your employees to achieve their postgraduate professional degree in one year, allowing for an accelerated return to full-time work. The classes are scheduled for two full days per week, which provides some flexibility for your employees to continue with casual work schedules.

The 24-month part-time program offers your employees a more balanced approach to their leadership development education while also continuing to work. The net effect of both options is that your employees will bring to work a newly acquired set of best practices, skills, focus, energy and the ability to pursue advanced health-care roles and responsibilities.

Uniquely Multidisciplinary Specializations

The MHLP offers an innovative blend of health-care specializations and globally ranked, master’s-level business training with specializations in:

Ready To Support Your High-Performing Health-Care Employees?

The health-care industry is a complex and ever-changing environment that has to continuously deliver high quality patient care.

By investing in the professional development of your high-performing health-care professionals, you are enabling them to advance their professional practice and leadership skills — ultimately strengthening your organization, promoting better health outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.

Transform your high-potential employees into effective, inclusive and innovative health-care leaders.

Please reach out to us to learn more about what program options are best for your employees.