Move your career forward in this
rapidly evolving field, working in
collaboration with renowned faculty
and industry experts.

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Advanced Materials Manufacturing is an intensive one-year degree (January to December) for engineers who want to advance their careers in the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors.

There is a growing need across multiple industries for technical experts in advanced materials manufacturing. This is a rapidly evolving field, and companies are challenged to find engineers who have the sector-relevant cross-disciplinary technical expertise to develop innovative solutions.

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Propel your career forward

This unique master’s degree will:

  • broaden your sector-relevant skills through a project-based curriculum that covers all stages of the industry value chain
  • deepen your technical skill base through advanced simulation tools and case studies
  • provide a dynamic learning environment that includes both classroom learning and integrated hands-on training
  • offer opportunities for you to collaborate with world-renowned faculty and industry experts at UBC’s high-tech facilities and multidisciplinary research centres
  • help you advance your career by balancing technical learning with in-depth leadership courses on project management, business and communication

Eligibility requirements

You are eligible for this program if you meet the MEL admission requirements and you have:

  • an undergraduate degree in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering or a related discipline
  • one or more years of relevant work experience in high-tech manufacturing industries such as aerospace or automotive


people employed within the North American materials manufacturing sector

$326 billion in revenues

generated by industries requiring advanced materials manufacturing

30+ years

of international leadership in advanced materials engineering at UBC

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Featured Faculty and Staff

Advanced Materials Manufacturing

"A key focus of the program is on using advanced modelling and simulation tools. Students will build on the knowledge they already have or be ready to use these tools when they graduate."

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