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Finding the right person for your team can be a challenge – someone who has the multidisciplinary technical and business skills to contribute strategic value to your organization and confidently lead teams and projects.

Graduates of the UBC Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Advanced Materials Manufacturing are ready to step into a range of professional roles to help forward-thinking organizations develop the next generation of materials and products that will transform our world.

Our graduates stand out with their unique combination of skills. Over the course of their 12-month postgraduate degree, they have expanded their knowledge of engineering through courses from UBC Faculty of Applied Science, including studies in the Department of Materials Engineering. They have also gained important business and leadership skills through classes offered from UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

This powerful interdisciplary education makes them equally confident as technical specialists as they are leading multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions.

Experienced professionals with specialized skills

A graduate with an MEL in Advanced Materials Manufacturing has the in-depth technical expertise needed to develop innovative multi-material solutions to achieve operational, environmental and economic goals. Graduates are collaborative team players, visionary leaders and technically adept, they add value to your organization with their ability to:

  • Identify and critically analyze the potential technical and business advantages of optimized manufacturing involving new materials and new material/production strategies
  • Understand and deploy digital manufacturing tools to understand, predict and optimize materials manufacturing within the context of industry
  • Deploy life-cycle thinking to each stage of product life – from raw material inputs to end-of-life decisions – and to evaluate the role that materials play in shifting the balance between competing product options under real-life business decision-making scenarios
  • Prepared to identify and take advantage of the commonalities across a wide range of materials-focused manufacturing industries, which includes being able to deploy systematic knowledge and data-driven decision-making when faced with critical choices in product development.

Advanced Materials Manufacturing graduates add value

With their ability to develop and optimize materials for better performance, dexterity with process simulation tools, and ability to optimize production processes, our graduates are immediately ready to contribute to your organization in a diverse range of positions.

They have achieved great success in roles that include:
Mechanical Engineer
Operations Manager
Manufacturing Automation Specialist – Robotics
Project Engineer
Field Supervisor
Vehicle Test Engineer – Driver
Leader – Quality Inspection
Materials and Process Engineer

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