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Add immediate value to your organization by hiring an experienced professional with a unique combination of health-care and business skills who is ready to develop and analyze clinical education strategies, respond to the learning needs of clinical leaders and staff, and create innovative educational programming that supports operational learning goals.

The talent you need

It can be challenging to find the right person for your team – someone who has the multidisciplinary health-care and business skills to contribute strategic value to your organization, confidently educate teams and enhance learning goals.

Graduates of the UBC Master of Health Leadership & Policy (MHLP) in Clinical Education are ready to step into a range of professional roles in clinical and health-care education leadership to support health-care learning, and employee growth initiatives.

Our graduates stand out with their unique combination of skills. Over the course of their 12-month full-time (or 24-month part-time) postgraduate degree, they have expanded their knowledge of clinical education through courses from UBC School of Nursing. They have also gained business and leadership skills through classes offered from UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

This powerful interdisciplinary education enables them to lead multidisciplinary teams and complex projects. They are strategic thinkers who thrive in fast-paced environments as they collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to educate effective health-care practitioners.

Experienced professionals with specialized skills

A graduate of the MHLP in Clinical Education has the health-care expertise needed to address evolving demands in clinical education. Collaborative team players, visionary leaders and technically adept, our graduates add value to your organization with their ability to:

  • Analyze professional practice standards, regulatory policies and trends to determine their implications for clinical practice education and to develop an educational strategy to address them.
  • Design learning experiences, and use learning technologies, to enable leaders and clinical staff to develop clinical judgement proficiencies in complex health-care
  • Understand the issues and challenges at the core of health-care curriculum development and evaluation, and apply that knowledge to designing an evidence-based, context-relevant curriculum.
  • Articulate a philosophy of clinical education that aligns with the principles of health care and develop a repertoire of strategies to apply that philosophy across a range of clinical education contexts.

Clinical Education graduates add value

From clinical education to virtual health, and from planning to teaching, our graduates are immediately ready to contribute to your organization in a diverse range of positions.

They have achieved great success in private and public sector roles that include:
Clinical virtual health
Clinical informatics specialist
Regional practice initiatives lead
Clinical instructor
Clinical operations manager
Clinical planner
Education co-ordinator

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