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Employer Engagement Opportunities

Raising awareness of your organization is essential to building your brand as an employer of choice and attracting top talent to your organization. In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to reach out to prospective employees to let them know what makes your organization a unique and desirable place to work.

Our employer engagement opportunities are an ideal way for you to connect with the talent you need to advance key projects, develop and lead effective teams, and positively contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

Be a guest speaker

Guest speaker events are extremely popular with our students, who are keen to learn more about leading organizations in their sector and discover new career pathways.

Speaker events are a great opportunity to represent your organization, share your perspective and experience, and talk about current industry issues – all while connecting with future employees. If you’re not sure what to present on, we can work with you to identify topics that will resonate with our students. Topics on leadership, innovation and latest industry research are always popular.

Schedule a company info session

Seeking a more focused way to promote your organization and network with future employees?

An information session allows you to highlight your corporate culture, promote your brand and ensure your organization stands out as an employer of choice.

Hosting an employer information session enables students to learn more about your organization, how it is addressing key challenges and the value it offers employees. And it gives you the first-mover advantage of connecting with high-caliber professionals before others – a great way to streamline your recruitment process.

Post a job

When you post a job with us, you’re connecting to a unique group of innovative thinkers and leaders eager to take on challenges. In addition to having an average of five to eight years of professional experience before enrolling in the MEL or MHLP, our students gain specialized sector-specific knowledge and acquire foundational business and leadership skills over the course of their degree. They are ready to lead and contribute to teams, direct complex projects and contribute to your organization’s growth and success.

Posting a job opportunity is quick and easy. Simply submit your job posting online and we will ensure that that it is shared across our MEL and MHLP alumni network. It’s a strategic way to simplify your recruitment process and start with a shortlist of candidates who meet your top selection criteria. Post a job now online.

Let’s get started

We want to work with you – to help you raise awareness of your organization with top professionals in your field and help you connect to the talent you need to stay at the forefront of your industry. Please reach out to our Career Services team at hire.mhlp@ubc.ca or hire.mel@ubc.ca to explore opportunities to promote your organization to upcoming graduates and alumni.

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