UBC Applied Science Professional Programs

Application Checklist

Apply for the UBC Applied Science Professional Programs online. You can save your application and continue working on it at a later time. Applications are not reviewed by the admissions committee until all of the following required documentation is received online:

  • Letter of intent
  • CV
  • Copy of your transcripts and degrees certificates (if you receive an offer, you will be required to submit an official hard copy of your academic documentation)
  • Three reference letters
  • Results of an English language proficiency exam (if applicable)
  • Proof of residency

For more detailed information about the requirements of each document download the Application Checklist.

Note: All submitted application materials, including irreplaceable documents, become the property of the UBC Faculty of Applied Science. Students who submit irreplaceable material may request the return of that material. Such requests must be submitted with the original material.

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