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Urban Systems – Discussing Professional Ethics

November 15, 2019
UBC MEL URSY Professional Ethics Speaker

On Tuesday, November 6, John Steil, a Principal at Stantec Consulting, gave a presentation to UBC MEL students in Urban Systems on the topic of professional ethics. John has extensive experience as a consultant and brought a wealth of knowledge to students striving to move into positions of higher responsibility.

During the presentation, students were exposed to a myriad skills that are critical to the consulting industry. Areas included:

  • Utilizing specialized knowledge and understanding bylaws;
  • Applying competencies successfully, having integrity and exercising independent professional judgement;
  • Engaging in issues related to public interest, clients, employers and the consulting profession;
  • Understanding the implications of unprofessional conduct;
  • And; understanding what risks are involved in professional judgement when there is a conflict of interest, including threats to finances, employment opportunities and relationships.

Attendees were impressed by John’s detailed, informative and knowledgeable presentation, and the audience was highly engaged, contributing insightful questions and providing great feedback.

After the presentation, students, alumni, faculty and industry advisors had a chance to mix, mingle and discuss everything they learned over the course of the evening. This also provided an opportunity for students of different cohorts to share their experiences and MEL-related stories.

The MEL program incorporates presentations and lectures from industry leaders so that students gain the professional skills needed to advance their careers. Industry insight is just one way that the MEL professional graduate degree programs enable graduates to move swiftly into roles of leadership.

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Urban Systems

Urban Systems
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