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Strategic Networking – Make Your Contacts Count

February 7, 2020
UBC MEL MHLP Strategic Networking – Make Your Contacts Count

On Monday, February 3, MEL & MHLP students were introduced to the concept of networking and given the opportunity to develop their networking skills. Joanna Shea, the founder of 3P Energy Consultants, led the workshop and provided a fresh perspective on the importance of networking in advancing career possibilities.

An important thing to remember is that future employment hinges on two fundamental items: what you know and who you know.

The goal of this two-hour workshop was to reframe networking and share with students the critical steps of building a list of strategic contacts. For, without having the who, you won’t have the opportunity to demonstrate your what!

Joanna emphasized the importance of networking when developing your career while advising students to prepare and research before networking to avoid mistakes that might limit career moves.

During the workshop, students focused on 4 key networking skills: Initiating, Planning, Execution, and Managing.

  • Initiating: Understanding the importance of networking
  • Planning: Focusing your intents and finding your target contacts
  • Execution: Contacting your candidates
  • Managing: Establishing and then maintaining mutually beneficial relationships

After Joanne’s presentation, students broke out into discussion groups to chat about their experiences with networking, their goals for establishing new connections, and the new strategies they had acquired through Joanna’s guidance. This short event gave students new networking skills to implement throughout their year in the program at different social and networking events for students, faculty, and industry leaders.

The MEL and MHLP professional graduate degrees offer more than a classroom education. The programs are designed to help professionals advance their careers through professional development workshops and networking opportunities.

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