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Professional Development: Technical Writing

March 9, 2020
UBC MEL URSY Industry Seminar

On March 2, Eric Tung, a Business Communications instructor, delivered a professional development session to MEL & MHLP to help them develop their technical writing skills. Eric focused on the key elements for well-written business and technical documents. He also focused on writing clearly and writing great business proposals.

Students were given the tools to develop the confidence necessary to excel in their writing—writing that is direct and proficient. Throughout the workshop, students learned how to apply specific writing techniques and tailor their content for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Eric shared key lessons in:

  • Applying and understanding key principles of effective writing for business and technical documents
  • Avoiding common sentence errors
  • Understanding how to craft effective proposals
  • Maintaining sustained improvements in their writing

“This workshop was great, it really broke down a topic that is very relevant to us.” – Student Feedback

Students were impressed with Eric’s clear delivery and thoroughness when explaining even difficult concepts. His experience and knowledge shone through while walking students through different elements of writing, including highlighting common mistakes and building an awareness of how to deliver messages for various audiences.

 “I appreciated that he started with the basics of grammar and how to construct a paper. A good reminder for those of us who have been out of school for many years.” – Student Feedback

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