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Professional Development: LinkedIn

March 6, 2020
UBC MEL MHLP Professional Development LinkedIn

As we know, LinkedIn is key to the job search—but why is the site so confusing?

On February 24, MEL & MHLP students attended a professional development presentation offered by Omar Garriott, Senior Director of K-12 Education Industry Solutions, which focused on maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn.

Omar walked students through everything they need to know about using LinkedIn to their greatest advantage, including:

  • Finding your most relevant contacts based on your interests,
  • Networking with alumni in the most productive manner,
  • Attracting recruiters to your profile,
  • Acquiring referrals that get your foot in the door, and
  • Using insider information for interview preparation and salary negotiation.

Omar explained the intricacies of the professional networking site so that MEL & MHLP students could use the site productively when preparing for their professional futures. He also highlighted the importance of developing your professional network.

One attendee noted: “I used to think I was doing everything I could as far as my LinkedIn ‘game’ is concerned, but I was certainly missing knowledge in key areas and I managed to pick up some new features.”

Other students commented on the benefits of insider’s insight on how LinkedIn and its algorithm works, and especially the new skills they gained on how to attract the attention of recruiters.

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