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Maritime Industry Insights: NAME Guest Speaker

November 29, 2019
UBC MEL NAME Marine Industry Insight

On November 27, UBC MEL students in the Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME) program had the opportunity to connect with a marine transportation industry leader and gain insight into his career.

Arvin D’Souza a fleet manager at Seaspan, has worked for 27 years in the maritime industry. Working for 15 years as a Marine Engineering, onboard for Trans Petrol, before transitioning ashore in 2006. Arvin worked in ship operations and management for Bernard Schulte as a vessel manager. Today, Arvin is a fleet manager at Seaspan Ship Management. Within this role, he oversees the operations and management of 20 large container vessels. In addition to being a Marine Engineer, Arvin holds a degree in Chemistry and a diploma in Maritime Business Management.

During the event, NAME students discussed Arvin’s career progression from education to industry. As well as his personal experiences of moving up within a prominent organization in the maritime industry. Further, they gained insight into the specific components of ship management and the intricacies of how shipping operations work at Seaspan.

In addition, Arvin highlighted how engineering amounts for a small percentage of the work onshore, as today many roles and functions focus on managing new technologies and machinery, minimizing cost and organizing people. He highlighted how industries require professionals who have both technical skills and the business and interpersonal insight that allow them to lead projects, organizing teams and deliver results.

Students heard first-hand how important it is for one to have a diverse skill-set, beyond their engineering specialization, in order to thrive within the industry. Ship management requires technical skills, interpersonal skills and an understanding of finance.

Within the industry and sector, importance was also stressed towards the diversity of professionals (and their skillsets), who have come together from a wide range of geographical and professional backgrounds to work together on projects, results and deliverables.

Our very own MEL in NAME graduates are experienced engineers with broad technical knowledge of all facets of ship design, operations and maintenance systems. What’s more, they are individuals who have gained the business insight and interpersonal skills to lead multidisciplinary teams and manage complex projects from their current studies and past expertise.

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