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Guest Speaker Series: Virtual Health During the Pandemic

May 8, 2020
UBC MHLP Guest Speaker Megan Stowe

On May 4, Megan Stowe connected with MHLP students via a Zoom conference, to share her professional experience as the Executive Director of Virtual Health and Clinical Informatics at Vancouver Coastal Health during this challenging and unprecedented time of virtual business and health care.

Stowe began with an overview on the rapidly developing field of virtual health care. She explained how, between 2019 and 2020, virtual health care has seen a drastic increase in deployment and utilization. She anticipates that this upward trend continue over the next five years.

Especially now, during a time of health panic and social distancing, virtual channels have become relied upon to a never-before-seen extreme.

With Zoom as the most used platform during this time, virtual health initiatives have quickly become reliant on the platform.

Students were encouraged to consider the many challenges that accompany virtual health care. Questions around the effectiveness of virtual exams in comparison to in-person physical exams, the privacy rights of both patients and health care professions when using virtual resources, and many others, have risen to the surface and cannot be answered easily. Beyond these questions, virtual health initiatives still have areas of improvement, including virtual engagement and remote monitoring.

One of the key questions that Stowe focused on was: how can we create and maintain a successful virtual experience?

This question exists at the core of discussions virtual health providers continue to have. Students returned to this question throughout the presentation as they brainstormed ideas and solutions.

To conclude her presentation, Stowe shared some career advice with the MHLP students in attendance:

  • Dedicate time to refining an impressive resume.
  • Don’t be too cautious about applying to job opportunities that seem out of reach.
  • Networking, especially now, is critical to your overall future career success.
  • When beginning in a new role, think big picture. Clarify the values of the project your team is working on, and prioritize clear and concise communication in order to achieve your team goals.

Virtual health care will continue to adapt and improve in the coming months and years. This presentation shares valuable insights into this facet of health care, as students plan for their future in the industry.

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