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Digital Transformation of Industry: The 10-Year Vision

July 19, 2019
UBC MEL - Digital Transformation of Industry

On July 11, the Iranian Engineers of British Columbia Association (IEBCA) celebrated 10 years of service to the engineering community by hosting a night of celebration and learning. The evening revolved around a central question: how will industry digitization impact Canadian companies?

Throughout the evening, attendees had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and explore an exhibition of growing technology companies founded within BC. The highlight of the event was an audience-led discussion between a panel of industry leaders regarding the impact of digitization on the Canadian industry and economy.

The event began with a fireside chat with Hamed Shahbazi, the CEO of WELL Health Technologies Corporation and Business in Vancouver’s CEO of the Year (2017). Shahbazi shared his personal experience as an entrepreneur and recounted the learning opportunities that lead to his successes. In particular, he emphasized the importance of learning how to pivot when creating a business. For, the ability to adapt and react is essential when pursuing your professional goals.

Afterwards, industry leaders David Amos, Shahram Tafazoli and Graham Blake shared their perspectives on the digital transformation of industry and their predictions for the future of engineering. A notable take-away from the discussion was the growing connection between people and businesses due to the development of smart-technologies and smart-cities.

The IEBCA hosted a thought-provoking event that highlighted the importance of partnership between engineering and business industries. A recurring theme of the evening was that communication between industries is crucial—especially as the future of engineering becomes increasingly complex. The featured panelists made clear how engineering innovation requires both leadership abilities and technical excellence.

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