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2019 URSY & IWME Whistler Trip

August 21, 2019
UBC MEL URSY & IWME Whistler Trip

On July 17 and 18, the Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) students in the Urban Systems and Integrated Water Management programs embarked on a joint field trip to Whistler. During the two day trip, students gave their final presentations for their URSY or IMWE courses and visited the Fitzsimmons Creek Hydroelectric Project.

Accompanied by MEL faculty and staff, the trip began with a networking lunch with industry partners at Aava Whistler Hotel. Students then gave their final presentations for their respective courses for Infrastructure Asset Management (URSY 550), Chemical & Biological Water Treatment Design (IWME 503) or Urban Systems Engineering (URSY 530). The students presented asset management plans for various topics such as stormwater infrastructure, sanitary sewers and the reduction of harmful mining effects. With sustainability being a recurring theme in the Urban Systems program, the URSY students also presented their development plans for the Blatchford Project, a community in Canada aiming to be one of the most sustainable in world. The invited industry members then provided constructive feedback and even graded the students’ presentations, contributing to their final grade. After the presentations the students enjoyed a delightful dinner at the Whistler Golf Club with faculty and industry who attended the presentations.

MEL URSY & IWME Whistler Trip

On the second day, students attended a tour of the Fitzsimmons Creek Hydroelectric Project, a run-of-river power generating facility located on Fitzsimmons Creek, located between the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Organized by Urban Systems professor Dana Vanier, the tour gave students the opportunity to observe how the river-powered turbine runs an alternator to produce electricity. After lunch, the students concluded the weekend by taking the gondola to experience the new suspension bridge at the Whistler Peak.

MEL URSY & IWME Whistler Trip

This eventful trip was an amazing opportunity for students to network and learn from industry partners, and to gain a first-hand glimpse on how hydroelectricity performs and operates. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, learn more about the MEL in Urban Systems and Integrated Water Management.