Urban Systems

Instruction and Leadership Team

Instruction Team

The instructors for the MEL in Urban Systems are renowned experts who have built strong connections and research partnerships with leading industry players.

Konrad Siu

Konrad Siu

Konrad Siu is an Adjunct Professor in the Master of Engineering Leadership in Urban Systems program, with 40 years of strategic leadership experience in managing infrastructure. He recently retired from the City of Edmonton. Prior to his retirement, he was the Transformation Manager responsible for leading a departmental transformation and coordinating the establishment of a new Integrated Infrastructure Services department. He was Executive Director of a drainage tunnelling and open cut team for three years from 2012 to 2015 and was the Director of the Office of Infrastructure and Funding Strategy from 2000 to 2012. His expertise has led to the development of advanced asset management techniques, such as a risk-based infrastructure management system, that facilitates civic decision-making and the prioritization of infrastructure investment.

Dr. Alan Russell

Alan Russell

Alan Russell is Professor Emeritus and former Head, Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and is the holder of a Chair in Computer Integrated Design and Construction. Dr. Russell’s current research and consulting activities include: public and private sector analysis of alternative procurement modes (DBB, DBF, P3, etc.) with a focus on risk management (identification, quantification, response); public sector comparator analysis (Value for Money); risk management by the public sector client; and design of client project management/oversight teams. The topics of strategy, data visualization, innovation assessment, project profiling for risk identification, and public sector financing mechanisms constitute the current focus of his research work.

Dr. Dana Vanier

Dana Vanier

Dr. Vanier is currently involved in both strategic and client research that assists organizations to manage sustainable urban infrastructure. His career experience has included the graphical visualization of heat loss, 3D computer graphics, computer aided design, integrated databases, automation of the National Building Code of Canada, and for the past 10 years, asset management. He was a researcher at NRC for 23 years, and has worked as a researcher with the Federal government of Canada for 25 years total.

Dana Vanier teaches the course URSY 550: Infrastructure Asset Management

The UBC Sauder Robert H. Lee Graduate School business instructors for the MEL in Urban Systems are renowned experts who lead the way in Canada and internationally in business and management research and knowledge dissemination.

Perry Atawal

Perry Atwal is a lecturer at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School who has also worked as an assistant dean and executive director of Executive Education and executive director for the Centre for Healthcare Management. Perry has led several successful projects with extremely diverse participants from around the world and spanning industries that include health care, transportation and education. He is one of the most highly rated and award-winning teachers at UBC.

Justin Bull

UBC APPP Instructor - Justin Bull

Justin is the academic director for the MEL and MHLP programs and a lecturer at the UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School and Chair of the Sustainability and Ethics Group. He teaches extensively on sustainability, innovation and strategy, with a focus on graduate and executive learners. He has worked with big companies – like IKEA, Lyft, and Rolling Stone – to implement climate innovations. Justin serves as an advisor and board member to several technology starts-ups and First Nations in Canada. He graduated with a BA in International Relations and a PhD in Wood Science from the University of British Columbia.

Leadership Team

Get to know the Urban Systems Co-Directors who are leading the program.

Dr. Martino Tran

Dr. Martino Tran is an assistant professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning, Faculty of Applied Science, and Director of the Urban Predictive Analytics Lab at UBC. He is also an instructor for the Master of Engineering Leadership in Urban Systems program. He is broadly interested in applying computational and data sciences for informing smart and sustainable urban policy and infrastructure investment strategies.


Dr. Amy Kim

Dr. Amy Kim is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and co-director of the MEL in Urban Systems. Her work focuses on supporting strategies for climate change adaptation and resilience in large-scale, long-distance multimodal transportation systems. She uses novel empirical analyses and interdisciplinary approaches to inform network assessments and optimization problems, towards informing decision-support and policy-making processes.


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