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July 21, 2020
UBC MEL MHLP - Industry Relevant Degree

How do you future-proof your career and ensure your skills and knowledge will be in demand both today and over the long term?

A professional master’s degree is an excellent way to update your technical knowledge and expand your skill set. It’s the next step for many professionals who want to accelerate their careers and make meaningful and ongoing contributions to their fields.

UBC’s Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) degrees are designed for experienced professionals who want to deepen their technical knowledge while gaining the business and leadership skills to navigate complexity, think strategically and lead high-performing teams.

Each MEL and MHLP program is in a high-growth and high-demand industry in which UBC is recognized internationally for its expertise. Strong connections with industry leaders ensure that the curriculum is continually evolving to address some of society’s most pressing issues – from the need for more sustainable approaches in energy generation and urban infrastructure development to exploring innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

“Each of our MEL and MHLP programs explicitly addresses a technical specialty that is crucially needed in our world today,” says Tamara Etmannski, Former Academic Director of the MEL and MHLP. “Our program directors consult regularly with public- and private-sector leaders to ensure the curriculum is relevant and that graduates are well prepared to make meaningful contributions in their fields.”

Depending on the program, assignments based on real-world industry issues, capstone projects and practicums enable students to connect with practitioners as they gain new knowledge while building their professional network.

Technical courses are taught by world-leading experts from UBC Faculty of Applied Science. And business courses – which make up about half of the MEL and MHLP curriculum – are taught by faculty at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, ranked the number one research business school in Canada.

Students take classes in organizational leadership, strategy and innovation, analytics, sustainability and other topics, giving them a broad foundation in business and management. Collaborative group projects and a fast-paced learning environment allow students to practice team-building and leadership skills as they deliver projects within tight time frames.

Combining technical and business education within a 12-month program is a powerful recipe for success. “When we look at the paths of our graduates, we see that they are using the degree to build their careers,” says Etmannski.

“For some, that means transitioning to a related field more aligned with their interests. For others, we see them taking on leadership roles and using their new skills to influence positive change and make an impact.”

Many students also go on to start their own companies, having honed their entrepreneurial skills through business classes that can include the Creative Destruction Lab – a course open to MBA, MEL and MHLP students who want to provide hands-on support to science and technology startups participating in the accelerator program Creative Destruction Lab West.

The MEL and MHLP were first offered in January 2016, and the programs continue to evolve to enhance the student experience. Professional development opportunities – such as speaker events and industry networking sessions – are offered throughout the year, enabling students to connect with leaders in their fields. A dedicated career coach assists students with personalized career guidance and advising on resume writing, interview skills and more. Today, the MEL and MHLP students have an alumni network to support graduates both personally and professionally throughout their careers.

Looking to enhance your career opportunities?

The MEL and MHLP programs may be the right choice with their interdisciplinary combination of business fundamentals and advanced specialization in your technical field. They offer a unique education – and one that is uniquely relevant for today’s challenges.

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