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UBC MEL & MHLP 2022 Student Executive Committee

March 3, 2022
UBC MEL/MHLP StudentExecutive Committee 2022

On January 31st, the Student Executive Committee for the 2022 MEL and MHLP cohort was elected. The MEL and MHLP Executive committee are comprised of students from all degree specializations and exists to support the student experience, mediate with the MEL and MHLP Faculty and Staff, and contribute to the development of the MEL and MHLP programs. The Student Executive Committee also provides students an opportunity to put the foundational leadership skills learned through courses offered by UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School into practice.

During the election period, the nominees brought forward innovative ideas and answered important questions from our diverse student cohort in a virtual forum. From hard-hitting questions about supporting study-life balance to professional development opportunities, the nominee’s demonstrated dedication and care for the quality of the student experience. The interest in these positions was overwhelming, and the enthusiasm from the students demonstrates that we’ll have an exciting year ahead!

We are happy to announce the Student Executive Committee for 2022 as follows:

Name Specialization Position
Beatrice Kigodi Sustainable Process Engineering President
Shaliza Jetha Clinical Education Financial Officer
Terrence Bullock High Performance Buildings Studio Manager
Hana Nguyen Clean Energy Engineering CEEN VP
Vinod Kotiya Dependable Software Systems DSS VP
Bryan Cadman Integrated Water Management IWME VP
Tsubasa Bolt High Performance Buildings HPB VP
SriKumar Balachandran Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering NAME VP
Shahrzad Rad Sustainable Process Engineering SPE VP
Varun Gupta Urban Systems URSY VP
Fairouz Jiwa Clinical Education MHLP CE VP
Irene Chen Seniors Care MHLP SC VP
Elísabet Brynjarsdóttir Clinical Education Social Committee
Ellison Chung Clinical Education Social Committee
Harry Singh High Performance Buildings Social Committee
Gaurav Singh Clean Energy Engineering Social Committee


This group of students will play an important role in supporting the quality of education, and the planning and hosting of social and professional events for their peers. The students in this committee will exemplify the aims of the year in supporting events and opportunities that foster family, empowerment, and transformation on all levels.

Congratulations to the elected students!