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UBC MEL & MHLP 2021 Student Executive Committee

February 19, 2021

Last week, the UBC’s Professional Leadership Master’s Degree students confirmed their 2021 Student Executive Committee.

The Student Executive Committee plays an important role throughout the university experience of MEL and MHLP students. They act as the voice and leaders of the cohort, spearheading various professional and social activities, and providing feedback to the MEL and MHLP faculty and staff.

Throughout the election process, all the nominees displayed great enthusiasm and put forward impressive initiatives. The election took place after a virtual forum, wherein the candidates shared speeches and provided proposals for their plans as committee members.

We are happy to announce the Student Executive Committee for 2021 as follows:

Name Specialization Position
Abdullah Qawariq High Performance Buildings President
Chris Cho High Performance Buildings Treasurer
Sangeeth Gunalan Karuppiah Advanced Materials Manufacturing Vice President
Graham MacGillivray Clean Energy Engineering Vice President
Jodi Denbok Clinical Education Vice President
Niha Keeran Thodika Dependable Software Systems Vice President
Mridul Pareek High Performance Buildings Vice President
Nazia Zakir Ahmed Integrated Water Management Vice President
Leo Angelo M. Azcueta Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Vice President
Margaret Lin Seniors Care Vice President
Barry Kanchan Sustainable Process Engineering Vice President
Michaela Dyck Urban Systems Vice President
Crystal Chan (Benedek) Clinical Education Social Committee
Janille Wingson-Gore Clinical Education Social Committee
Shan Liu Dependable Software Systems Social Committee
Oi Yee Wong Seniors Care Social Committee


These students will provide an integral role in supporting the growth of the MEL and MHLP program and supporting the quality education and experience of their peers. As a liaison between faculty and staff, as well as the team responsible for organizing, promoting, and executing of a calendar of events, these students largely shape the university experience of the 2021 cohort.

Congratulations to all the elected students!