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Student Executive Committee for the 2024 MEL and MHLP Cohort

March 13, 2024

Last week marked a significant milestone as the UBC’s Professional Leadership Master’s Degree students proudly elected their 2024 Student Executive Committee!

The Student Executive Committee plays a crucial role in the Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) community, driving forward both professional and social endeavors.

These exceptional individuals serve as the voice of their peers, guiding and championing various initiatives while ensuring a vibrant university experience for all.

From the outset, the nominees for the 2024 cohort showcased remarkable passion and presented compelling visions for the future. All candidates delivered inspiring speeches and outlined their proposed plans.

Some of the strategic priorities and initiatives that the committee looked forward to are:

  • Amplifying the student voice and student needs within the program
  • Creating opportunities for growth and fun for students
  • Encouraging students to actively reflect on and celebrate key milestones within the program

Join us in celebrating the remarkable individuals who will lead the charge in shaping the landscape of our program in 2024:

Name Specialization Position
Emily Tang Clinical Education President
Fisayo Adeyemi Clean Energy Engineering Vice President
Soroush Aghabeigi High Performance Buildings Vice President
Niki Haddadzadeh Sustainable Process Engineering Vice President
Wambui Kinoti Urban Systems Vice President
Evan Wilton Clinical Education Vice President
Henry Tsang Urban Systems Social Committee
Jen Tam Urban Systems Social Committee
Alexandra Chan Clinical Education Social Committee


Their dedication and leadership will play a pivotal role in enhancing the educational journey of our 2024 cohort by organizing and executing events that are designed to foster a dynamic learning environment and facilitate invaluable connections between students and faculty.

As ambassadors of program, the elected students will serve as vital conduits between their peers and program stakeholders, ensuring that every aspect of the MEL and MHLP experience is enriched and fulfilling.

A heartfelt congratulations to our newly elected Student Executive Committee members!