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Strategies on Seeking Your Dream Job: Professional Development Workshop

November 1, 2018
UBC MEL and MHLP Professional Development

In October 2018, students from the Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) master’s degree participated in a professional development workshop that focused on the importance of developing leadership expertise and confidence in their job search.

Led by Nicolle Browne from the UBC Sauder School of Business Alumni Career Services, the interactive workshop helped students build upon their leadership skills. With a mix of practical exercises and reflective discussions, the workshop allowed the cohort to gain greater perspective on employee demands and industry expectations.

The workshop commenced with a bingo ice-breaker that focused on the idea of “standing out in a crowd” among like-minded students, which highlighted the importance of public speaking. Following the ice-breaker, students paired up with a partner and prepared a 90-second elevator pitch about themselves which focused on the idea to speak in a clear and concise statement. This activity allowed students to practice and gain instant feedback from each other while reflect upon both their professional and personal experiences to succeed in landing a job.

During the session participants also had the opportunity to enhance their interview skills by understanding the employers’ hiring strategy and learning the strategies to comprehensively address their interview scenarios. From interview practice rounds to discussions among students’ past experiences, students expressed that they felt more prepared in their job preparations.

“The workshop would be very helpful, specifically for people new to Canadian culture or looking to start a career in Canada”

“The workshop has given me the skills to hopefully land my dream job.”

“I learned a lot in the session and it added value to my job search preparation.”

Understanding the importance of professional skill development and fundamental business practices is a key component of the MEL and MHLP degree. Find out more about the MEL and MHLP degree and how it can work for you by exploring what our programs have to offer.