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July 16, 2018
UBC MHLP TouchPoints Featured Image

The UBC School of Nursing has e-publications to help keep audiences engaged with current activities and events. Subscribe to one or more newsletters to hear updates on research advances, student scholars, community involvement, alumni achievement, and much more.

One e-publication is Touchpoints, a bi-yearly magazine for UBC Nursing alumni and those interested in nursing research and education. It features research by faculty members, student achievements, program updates, and more.

The most recent issue includes a feature on the 5th Annual Nursing History Symposium which was held on March 8th with panel presentations on emerging research techniques. Additionally, the School of Nursing Alumni & Partnership Awards Gala is covered and the recipients are featured including their work. Notably, a feature called Trans Youth in Translation dives into the experience of transitioning and the health impacts through art.

Touchpoints The magazine also announces that applications are being accepted for the 2019 intake of the MHLP in Clinical Education, an exciting new update for the program which is jointly offered by the UBC School of Nursing.

Keep up to date and receive updates from the School of Nursing by subscribing to Touchpoints.

Clinical Education

Clinical Education

Develop the educational strategies and leadership skills to create caring, collaborative clinical environments.

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