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Quality Forum Roundup 2019

March 4, 2019
UBC MHLP Quality Forum

The eighth annual “Quality Forum”, was held in Vancouver this week. Brought to the industry by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, the Quality Forum is a coming together of health leaders, professionals and industry experts from across Canada.

The forum started with an insightful and challenging presentation from Jeffrey Braithwaite, the Founding Director of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation. He spoke passionately about big system transformation and its impact locally upon British Columbia, but also globally as its reach extends beyond the bounds of a single province.

The conference also included a number of break-out sessions and opportunities for health professionals to discuss the challenges of the industry. Whilst this provided a forum for conversation, it also focused on solutions, implementation and innovation. One of the biggest advantages of the conference was a chance to bring together goal orientated professionals with a common goal. That goal being quality patient care and safety.

The highlights of the conference were the “Quips, Quandaries and Quality debate. This year the topic was “Health care performance data should be public to advance better care.”

On the “for” team this again included Jeffrey Braithwaite, but this time he was partnered by Tamara Komuniecki, Council Member with the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. On the opposing side, they were held to account by Maria Judd Vice President, Programs Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement and Ahmer Karimuddin, Specialist in General & Colorectal Surgery St. Paul’s Hospital and Co-Director of the General Surgery Residency Program at the University of British Columbia.

Speakers in the debate were allocated a position to support and defend, rather than necessarily following their beliefs or the principles and values of their respective organizations. The purpose rather was to create lively debate and conversation on an important issue within the industry. At the conclusion of the debate, both teams had raised vital points both for and against the debate topic and a winner could not be determined. However, the goal of the debate was achieved and the audience left pondering the implications of implementing a publically accessible healthcare data system.

With over 1000 health professionals in attendance, the Quality forum can only be seen as a resounding success. There are very few avenues for leaders in the industry to meet and discuss options for improving patient care and safety. The Quality forum meets this need.

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