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Newcomers Fair – Toronto

May 29, 2019
UBC MEL MHLP - Newcomers Fair Toronto

The Newcomers Fair was held in Toronto this past weekend.

It is an opportunity for New Canadians, those wanting to become Canadians as well as friends and family to come and learn about many of the opportunities and services awaiting them.

The University of British Columbia was represented by the Master of Health Leadership & Policy (MHLP) and the Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) professional masters degrees.

UBC representatives were able to speak with those in attendance about education opportunities. Often times those migrating to Canada believe they must start again, and take on education opportunities that aren’t representative of their previous qualifications.

This has been a big problem, as industry, government and universities are missing out on intelligent and experienced employees. All due to a misconception.

A perfect example is the MEL or MHLP. These programs offer experienced professionals, regardless of country of origin, the opportunity to advance their career, not just restart it. These programs are actively engaging with professionals that want to move into leadership roles and utilize their experience to enhance their learning opportunities.

For more information on the MEL or MHLP Professional Masters Degrees, visit –