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Naval Engineering on the West Coast

February 14, 2019
UBC MEL in NAME Naval Engineering on the West Coast

Across the west coast of the United States there are over a dozen shipyards and design consultancies specifically focused on Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME). But, in a strange twist of fate, no education programs to support the development of the industry.

This has left mechanical engineers, ship designers, sailors, environmental engineers and materials experts without the mechanism to develop their careers in an every expanding Industry.

On Wednesday, February 13, the University Of British Columbia (UBC), one of the world’s top 40 universities started the conversation to change that.

Just across the border in Vancouver, Canada, the university provides a number of Masters Programs focused on Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. This includes the Master of Engineering Leadership, a professional masters combining the technical elements of ship design with the business and leadership skills, as well as the Master of Engineering, a comprehensive technical qualification.

These programs are one year in duration and are designed to transform engineers, from a variety of backgrounds into Naval Engineers and project leaders.

UBC held its first “Naval on the West Coast” dinner and discussion at the San Diego Yacht Club. The evening included presentations from John Rockway, and Dr David Michelson on the integration of Electrical Engineering into the industry as well as a presentation from Dr Chris McKesson, Co-Director of the MEL in NAME masters degrees on the availability of education on the West Coast.

Attendees included stakeholders from the aerospace, shipyard and marine industries, as well as company owners and directors specifically interested in developing and employing specialist engineers.

It was a great night and the first stage in providing quality education to US Engineers looking to move into the marine and naval industry.

Find out more on how the UBC Master of Engineering Leadership or UBC Master of Engineering could be the next step for your career and become part of the next naval engineering generation, charged with leading change within naval and shipping industry.

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Combine the engineering and physics of ship design with broad business and leadership training.

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