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MEL Students Participate in UBC Sustainability Scholars Program

May 28, 2018
UBC MEL and MHLP sustainability scholarship

10 MEL students participate in the UBC Sustainability Scholars Program 2018.

Generating positive economic, environmental and social impact in our society is one of the most important challenges in our modern culture. The UBC Sustainability Scholars Program is an innovative internship program that matches graduate students with on- and off-campus sustainability partners to work on projects that support the advancement of sustainability in the region, suits very well to this important task.

As in 2017 — read the Advancing Urban Sustainability projects from last year — MEL students participate in the 2018 program. Therefore, we want to give a special congratulation to those 10 students that will develop the following projects with a partner organization in the search of making a difference.

List of Participants

Name Project Title Partner Organization
Diana Aguilar Impact of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure on EV adoption, trip behavior and lifestyles BC Hydro / Fraser Basin Council
M.K. Anand Solar Energy Farm — Organizational Framework and Business Case Research Greenest City Scholars
Tomy Batchangna LED street lighting business case — Township of Langley BC Hydro / Township of Langley
Colin Jeffery Analysis of high performance energy-efficient buildings in the City of North Vancouver (a case study) BC Hydro / City of North Vancouver
Balpreet Kukreja Lifecycle Analysis of Electric Vehicles Greenest City Scholars
Pankaj Kumar UBC LED lighting retrofit plan UBC Energy & Water Services
Charles Lankester Campus Energy Infrastructure Study (UBC Vancouver) UBC Sustainability Initiative
Hannah MacDonald Creating a circular economy in New West: pilot test of National Industrial Symbiosis Program BC Hydro / City of New West
Gerardo Marquez Reducing the Vancouver Parks Board emission footprint through utilizing electric small equipment Greenest City Scholars
Oscar Valdes Limiting the energy demands of Single-Family Homes BC Hydro / District of West Vancouver

About the Program

The UBC Sustainability Scholars Program facilitates paid internship opportunities for UBC graduate students, from all academic disciplines. Each successful student applicant works on a specific project on a part-time basis over the summer term from May through August. The projects are designed to be completed within 250 hours for which Scholars receive $20 per hour.