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Meet an Advisor around The World

February 16, 2018

One of our advisors may be coming to a city near you in March and April. They’ll be traveling to Asia, Brazil, India, The United States, and the Middle East.

Our advisors will embark on a world tour to meet prospective students and explore their opportunities within our MEL and MHLP programs. This will be the best opportunity for anyone abroad who is interested in the MEL and MHLP programs to get all of your questions answered.

To schedule a meeting with an advisor, please fill out the form below. The advisor will get in touch with you personally to set up specific details. Please send us your information at least 3 days prior to the event to ensure adequate time to organize a meeting.


Date Event City Date Event City
March 2 Beijing April 6 Dubai
March 4 Shanghai April 7 Doha
March 7-8 Bangkok April 7 Sao Paulo
March 8 Kuala Lumpur April 15 Mumbai
March 10 Jakarta April 17 Bangalore
March 10 San Francisco April 19 Hyderabad
March 11 Los Angeles April 22 Delhi
March 12 Hong Kong
March 17 Seattle

Dates and locations are subject to change – check back for the most up to date schedule.

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