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Introducing the 2023 Student Executive Committee for the MEL and MHLP

March 3, 2023
Introducing the 2023 Student Executive Committee for the MEL and MHLP

After a week-long election period, the 2023 Student Executive Committee was recently elected by students in the Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) programs.

Chosen by and for the students, the Student Executive Committee is the voice of the 2023 cohort and acts as a bridge between students and faculty.

The group is responsible for providing ongoing feedback about the student experience to MEL and MHLP faculty; organizing events and activities for their fellow classmates, and supporting the growth of the MEL and MHLP program.

After celebrating their election success, members of the committee got to work. They attended a retreat to get to know each other, brainstorm ideas for creating a welcoming environment, set goals for the year and develop a framework to measure success.

Bailey Kew, Student Engagement Manager, said “the committee left the retreat feeling ready to take on any challenge and determined to make a positive impact on the graduate student community.”

We are happy to announce the Student Executive Committee for 2023:

Name Specialization Position
Yash Mehta Urban Systems President
Mary Gerali Clinical Education Financial Officer
Rishabh Gautam Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Vice President
Timmy Pham Sustainable Process Engineering Vice President
Samuel Boadi Urban Systems Vice President
Malwika Chitale Integrated Water Management Vice President
Ankita Sharma High-Performance Buildings Vice President
Sidharth Kwatra Clean Energy Engineering Vice President
Heather Campbell Master of Health Leadership and Policy Vice President
Monica Karnani Clinical Education Social Committee
Yunyi Tan High-Performance Buildings Social Committee

Congratulations to all the elected candidates!