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Inspiring Leadership: Professional Development Workshop

October 8, 2019
UBC MEL MHLP PD Workshop Inspirational Leader

On September 16 – students from the UBC Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and UBC Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) attended a workshop on how to effectively inspire others in a leadership role. Titled “How to Be An Inspirational Leader in Every Interaction”, the workshop was led by Bruna Martinuzzi, founder of Clarion Enterprises Ltd. As a specialist in presentation skills training and a coach in leadership communication, Martinuzzi emphasized the importance of knowing how to inspire others as a leader, and that delivering inspiration requires communication that goes beyond just the transmission of information and data.

One of Martinuzzi’s modules highlighted the three channels of communication for influential leadership: the metaphorical channel, the storytelling channel, and the emotional channel. Students learned how to utilize established communication theory, an effective presentation method in order to evoke a particular feeling in an audience.

UBC MEL MHLP PD Workshop Inspirational Leader

The workshop also touched on the frameworks of how to implement inspiration in one’s communication. For a leader to stimulate inspiration in their intended audience, the method in which they present and order a message is crucial – a strategy that, according to Martinuzzi, most tend to neglect. Students were encouraged to use methods such as stories, metaphors, symbols, analogies, quotations, slogans and powerful visual aids in order to impart a vision to their audience.

At various points in the workshop, students were able to apply what they’ve learned by gathering into groups and practicing among themselves. These group sessions provided an opportunity to reflect on their own speaking skills and consider how to improve their own presentations. Martinuzzi concluded the workshop with closing remarks that reflected on everything the students had learned during the session. Students left the workshop feeling inspired and encouraged to apply their newfound information to practical use.

Presentation skills are integral in becoming an influential leader in the workplace. If you’re interested in making an investment with your career, find out how the UBC MEL and MHLP programs can take your career to new heights.