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May 21, 2019
UBC MEL URSY + IWME Part Time Option

Starting in January 2020, two Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) programs will begin offering a 24-month option in addition to the standard 12-month program. Students in Urban Systems and Integrated Water Management can now choose to complete the program either full-time (12-months) or part-time (24-months).

“The new 24-month part-time option allows students in Urban Systems and Integrated Water Management to expand their business knowledge and deepen their technical skills while continuing to work,” says Dr. Tamara Etmannski “They’ll be able to apply insights gained in the classroom to their workplace – enhancing their skills, adding value to their organizations and increasing their career opportunities.”

Year one: A focus on business
The first 12-months of the program immerse students in foundational business strategy and concepts. Students will complete 15 credits, consisting of all required MEL business leadership courses and two technical electives.

For Urban Systems students, technical electives are offered in the fall semester (September to December). For Integrated Water Management, two technical electives are offered in the winter semester (January to April) and one is offered in the fall (September to December).

  • January to April: Students complete two business and leadership classes, scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays (from 8-10 am). Students in Integrated Water Management may decide to take one or two of the technical electives offered this semester.
  • August: Students take the Business Acumen for Technical Leaders course in the first three weeks of August. Classes are half- day, four to five days a week and group work is required when not in class (the remainder of the day). A final exam is held on the Monday morning of the fourth week in August.
  • September to December: Students complete two business and leadership classes on Mondays and Wednesdays (from 8-10 am). Students in Urban Systems will also take two technical electives in the fall semester. Students in Integrated Water Management will take a technical elective if they did not complete two electives in the winter semester.

Year two: An immersion in the core technical courses
In the final year of the program, students take the five required core technical classes (15 credits) for their program.

Knowing your timetable ahead of time is an important consideration for both you and your employer. Course schedules will generally be available a few weeks before the start of each semester.

Read more about specific course information here:
Urban Systems
Integrated Water Management Engineering

Tuition fees for the part-time option are the same as those for the full-time program, but spread over six installment payments over the 24-months of the program. Tuition fees are based on the entry year and do not increase in the second year of the program.

The 24 month part-time year program tuition fees for 2020 entrants are as follows:

  • CAD 29,225.67 for domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents)
  • CAD 52,276.05 for international students

For full details please take a look at our tuition page.

Professional development
Part-time students have access to all the workshops and career development opportunities that are embedded in the 12-month MEL program.

Greater flexibility for practicing professionals
The MEL is an innovative interdisciplinary graduate degree that develops students’ technical knowledge and business and leadership skills. This new 24-month part-time option for students in Integrated Water Management and Urban Systems enables practicing professionals to acquire a graduate degree in their area of specialization while continuing to work and advance their career.

Learn more about the application process and eligibility requirements.

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