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Importance of Leadership in Health Care

August 10, 2021
UBC MEL & MHLP - Employer Leadership in Healthcare

Without the benefit of great leaders, there is a very slim chance of any organization achieving its goals. This is particularly true in health care, where the complex system of processes, people and resources and countless daily decisions impact the desired outcome of high-quality and safe patient care.

Skilled leaders enable innovation, quality and productivity to flourish. They ensure that technological innovation and other professional resources contribute to positive patient incomes. They create an environment where employees are more likely to feel motivated, empowered and supported – and to perform exceptionally well in a constantly evolving and challenging environment.

Characteristics of great leaders

According to Carol Huston, Leadership Consultant and Nurse Educator, great leaders share the following traits:

  • They envision a desired future. When leaders can communicate a clear and influential vision, it increases the number of individuals who are more motivated to take action. A clear vision gives a team direction and an understanding of what it really takes to be a high performer.
  • They foster innovation and change. Today’s health-care organizations are challenged to quickly adapt to change. Great leaders are innovative and adaptable, leading the way for greater success.
  • They empower effective teams. Great leaders recognize the skills and capabilities of all team members and can empower their team to work to their full potential. They identify skill gaps and intentionally recruit new staff with complementary skill sets who can add value to the team.
  • They create positive work cultures. Great leaders are role models and lead by example, exhibiting honesty and integrity in all activities. Demonstrating these behaviours and traits in the workplace makes it more likely team members will act in a similar fashion.

Finding your next great health-care leader

Skilled, thoughtful leaders are essential drivers of organizational success, and graduates of the UBC Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) have the traits, knowledge and experience to take on leadership roles in any health-care setting.

Their unique combination of advanced clinical knowledge and fundamental business, leadership and communication skills enable them to build teams and create workplace cultures that positively impact patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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