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HPB Students Complete Capstone Presentations

July 31, 2019
UBC MEL HPB Capstone Presentation

On July 18, the MEL UBC students in High Performance Buildings (HPB) held a poster presentation session for their first Capstone course. The course, which focuses on ‘greening’ existing buildings, allows students to analyze the data of an existing building to propose changes for performance improvement while also considering the priorities and needs of a client.

This year’s final project gave students the opportunity to consider how they could ‘green’ an existing multi-use building on the UBC campus. Students were each tasked with a different challenge in ‘greening’ the building, such as prioritizing different metrics and using different ‘green’ standards to improve the design and performance of the building.

Students then delivered their poster presentations to the HPB instructors, their fellow HPB students and the HPB Program Directors. After the students presented their projects, they engaged in a group discussion with the instructors and Program Directors on the challenges of ‘greening’ existing buildings today, such as cost, resources, space and requirements.

Because the maintenance of buildings accounts for a large percent of energy use and carbon emissions, ‘greening’ existing buildings plays a large role in sustainability. ‘Greening’ buildings is a great means to minimize the usage of natural resources, while also reducing negative environmental impacts. As an institution that strives to become net positive contributors and leaders, UBC is well-known for their efforts in actively making their campus a sustainable, healthy place to reduce their environmental footprint.

Sustainability is playing an integral role in future generations to come. If you’re ready to contribute in making our world a greener place, learn more about the MEL in High Performance Buildings.

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