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From Students to Future Sustainability Leaders

May 2, 2018
UBC MEL Globe Conference

In March 2018, two UBC MEL programs, Clean Energy Engineering (CEEN) and High Performance Buildings (HPB), sent 12 students to participate in the GLOBE Forum 2018 – Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business.

This delegation of future sustainability leaders engaged in the three-day (March 14-16) GLOBE event, attending workshops, panel discussion and the innovation expo. Combined with networking and social events students were able to learn and discuss how business, government and civil society leaders found opportunity within sustainable industries. In addition to their delegate role these young professionals acted as mediators to bring key messages discussed at the GLOBE forum back to the wider MEL community.

Globe forum

Topics shared and analyzed by the delegates in an open presentation forum included:

  • Inside a General Fusion Power Plant – Balpreet Kukreja (CEEN)
  • Digitalization for a Sustainable Future – Charles William Lankester (HPB)
  • National Zero Waste Council – Diana Aguilar (CEEN)
  • SeaLegacy – Think Beyond the Words and Numbers – Fernando Ito (CEEN)
  • Today’s Energy Transition, Reality or Utopia – Gerardo Marquez (CEEN)
  • Globe Forum 2018, Organizations You Should Know About – Hannah MacDonald (CEEN)
  • Vancouver “Light Up Blue” – Maleeka Aamer (CEEN)
  • Financing the Clean Energy Transition – Madhan Krishn Anand (CEEN)
  • The Pacific Coast Collaboration – Narain Khera (CEEN)
  • Vertical Forests, World’s Most Resilient Infrastructure – Oscar Valdes (HPB)
  • Disrupting Business as Usual – Poorna Chandra Duganapa Sathyamurthy (CEEN)
  • What I learnt from Ministry of Environment and Climate Change – Robert Teal Moffat (CEEN)

During the reflection presentations, many students highlighted the importance of aligning sustainable practices with next generation planning and how they as future leaders could bring about this transformation.

The Master of Engineering Leadership program is committed to developing and cultivating leaders in sustainability and resource management. By developing a student cohort with experience, technical proficiency and advanced leadership skills UBC is investing in the next generation of industry disruptors.

Globe forum