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From Existing Industry Knowledge to new Energy Innovators

August 14, 2018

In June 2018, two UBC MEL students — one in Clean Energy Engineering (CEEN) and one in High Performance Buildings (HPB) program — participated in the West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC).

Roberto Orendain, MEL in Clean Energy Engineering student, and Jacky Boisjoli, MEL in High Performance Buildings student, participated in the West Coast Energy Management Congress from June 20-21. This delegation of current sustainability leaders engaged at the largest West Coast expo for business, industrial and institutional energy users, attending workshops and panel discussions. Combined with networking and social events, the students were able to learn about business and municipalities alike and took opportunities to discuss energy efficiency and sustainability optimization strategies.

In addition to their delegate role, our young professionals acted as mediators to bring key messages discussed at the Energy Management Congress back to the wider Master of Engineering Leadership community.

Over 40 educational sessions provided cutting-edge topics within 4 knowledge tracks:

  • Policy, Trends & Local Initiatives
  • High Performance & Green Buildings
  • Trends in Energy Efficiency
  • Advanced Technologies & Renewable Energy


To share their new insights with the cohort, students gave reflection summary presentations, focusing on the importance of aligning sustainable practices with preparation, planning, communication and data. Doing so, they highlighted new emerging technologies such as smart grids, energy storage and blockchain energy management.

When speaking to Roberto regarding the benefit of his exposure he explained

“I have worked together with 3 colleagues from the Clean Energy Engineering Program within an integrated project called WePower. Our vision with this venture was to be able to implement Battery Energy Storage Technologies to provide reliable and affordable energy in off-grid communities. The conferences were perfectly fitted to the insights that we were looking for.”

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) is committed to cultivating leaders in sustainability and the latest industry practices. By developing a cohort with industry-relevant experience, the latest technical proficiency and advanced leadership skills, UBC is investing in the next generation of industry pioneers.