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Dr. Andrea Frisque on Designing the First Zero Carbon Building

October 11, 2018

This week, Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in High Performance Building Instructor, Dr. Andrea Frisque was invited to speak about designing and building Canada’s first certified zero carbon building at the CAGBC Innovation Series: Lunch & Learn. The CAGBC Innovation Series provides the latest education on green building advancements for industry professionals throughout Canada.

As an Associate and Senior Building Performance Engineer at Stantec, Andrea brings 15 years of work experience in sustainable design and projects. In collaboration with Richard Williams, Andrea spoke about Stantec’s strategy in designing the first building in Canada to achieve Zero Carbon Building Standard (ZCB). Known as “evolv1 Centre for Sustainability Excellence,” the building consists of a 100,000 square foot office space and is currently a LEED Platinum candidate.

With industry innovative leaders being fully integrated into the MEL in High Performance Building program, students are well-equipped with the latest education on sustainability advancements, current industry practice and the latest understanding from leading industry professionals. Relevant knowledge transfer from industry leaders offers students to opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and fully understand an overview of the sustainability space.

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