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Effective Communication: Professional Development Workshop

June 21, 2019
UBC MEL MHLP Professional Development - Effective Communication

On June 7 2019, students from the UBC Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and UBC Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) professional master’s degrees participated in a professional development workshop that focused on the importance of effective communication skills within the workplace.

Led by Patrick Littlejohn, Senior Technical Specialist at BQE Water and a UBC Engineering Alumni, the workshop educated students on the importance of clear communication when collaborating with coworkers and stakeholders on projects and when delivering reports and presentations. These are all key elements of effective leadership, which are integral to both the MEL and MHLP programs.

UBC MEL MHLP Professional Development - Effective Communication

-It’s good to be reminded to stick to the important points the audience will care about (Student Feedback)

-The points were so practical and understandable (Student Feedback)

– The presenter focused on the important details (Student Feedback)

Throughout the workshop, Littlejohn identified many common challenges that individuals may experience when communicating in the workplace. Attendees learned how to deliver clear, concise and structured content to potential stakeholders and coworkers. By the end of the workshop, Littlejohn equipped students with efficient ways of sharing their ideas and messages. The key take away was understanding the importance of identifying the audience and how it is absolutely crucial for delivering the right message in the right way.

Understanding the importance of professional skill development and fundamental business practices is a key component of the UBC MEL and MHLP degrees. Find out more about the UBC MEL and MHLP graduate degrees and how it can work for you by exploring what our programs have to offer.