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Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch — New MHLP Program Director

January 22, 2018

MHLP in Seniors Care Team: Instructor Dr. Alison Phinney, Program Director Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch and Program Administrator Gino Kim

Beginning January 2018, Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch takes over the role of the Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) Program Director (formerly held by Dr. Judith Lynam). Dr. Baumbusch has a strong relationship with the UBC School of Nursing — having completed her bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees, been an adjunct professor for several years and holding a full-time faculty appointment with the School since 2009 — and is a long-time colleague of Dr. Lynam. She has been actively engaged in conceptualizing and delivering the MHLP in Seniors Care from its outset.

Dr. Baumbusch holds a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Scholar Award — is well known and highly respected in her field. Her program of research focuses on health care delivery and nursing practice with older adults, with a particular emphasis on long-term residential care, family contributions to care delivery, well-being among individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, and knowledge translation. She has methodological expertise in critical ethnography and practice-close research. She is committed to community-based research principles through active engagement of individuals, clinicians, service providers and organizations throughout the research process.

Dr. Judy Lynam is transitioning to active professor emeritus status. She will remain engaged with the School of Nursing and will support Dr. Baumbusch in her transition.

We appreciate Dr. Lynam’s effort and engagement to make the MHLP program a success, and wish her all the best for the future.

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