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Donation from L3 MAPPS creates NAME endowed student award

April 16, 2018
UBC MEL in NAME marine engineering award

Photo of L3 MAPPS President, Rangesh Kasturi, NAME Co-Directors Jon Mikkelsen and Chris McKesson, and NAME students, accompanied by caption to that effect.

UBC’s Faculty of Applied Science has received a donation from L3 MAPPS to support students of the UBC Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) Program. The funds have been used to establish the L3 MAPPS Award in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

A leading global supplier of naval vessel control systems, simulators and training solutions, L3 MAPPS is contributing significantly to several projects under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). On the west coast of Canada, their projects include the Halifax-Class Frigates (modernization with L3 MAPPS Integrated Platform Management Systems “IPMS”) and the Victoria-Class Submarines (modernization with L3 MAPPS autopilot system, fire detection system, diesel generator controller and stick-wheel). L3 MAPPS has local presence in Vancouver, supporting the Canadian Coastguard Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel Propulsion Systems Integration effort and, in the near future, will support the Royal Canadian Navy’s Joint Support Ship build and commissioning program.

With the Canadian marine sector currently generating a significant demand for local, highly qualified systems engineers trained in marine-related systems integration and design, L3 MAPPS’ donation will support students pursuing a career in the marine sector and help the NAME program to attract and graduate more systems engineers.

“As western North America’s only academic institution offering graduate programs and undergraduate curriculum in naval architecture and marine engineering, UBC is uniquely positioned to support the key industrial capacity of the sector,” said UBC Applied Science Dean, James Olson. “L3’s investment will enable us to recruit top students in targeted areas and provide financial support to help them prepare for a highly specialized field.”

“L3 MAPPS pioneered the concept of the IPMS more than 35 years ago and became a global leader with this Canadian technology,” said Rangesh Kasturi, President of L3 MAPPS. “We look forward to delivering the next generation of innovative IPMS subsystems and, as such, we are pleased that this donation will support UBC’s NAME Program to mold the next generation of naval architects and marine engineers.”

Since its inception, the NAME program has been closely aligned with the national marine sector and has been responsive to its R&D and skills development needs. L3’s contribution represents a significant investment in the next generation of engineers and future technological innovators for the marine industry.

For more information about UBC’s NAME program visit: and

L3 MAPPS has over 35 years of experience in pioneering technological advances in the marine automation field and over 45 years of experience in delivering high-fidelity power plant simulation to leading utilities worldwide. In addition, the company has more than four decades of expertise in supplying plant computer systems for Canadian heavy water reactors. L3 MAPPS also provides targeted controls and simulation solutions to the space sector.

To learn more about L3 MAPPS, please visit the company’s website at:

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