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Creating Connections 6.0

May 8, 2019
UBC MHLP - Creating Connections 6.0


Creating Connections 6.0 was held in Vancouver last week. Hosted by the Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WWEst), the event was a chance for professionals working in STEM to by inspired by, and learn from leaders in the industry.

Much of the discussion during the conference centered upon the wide variety of roles women are taking in the workplace, and how to maximize impact. From CEO to the mailroom, there was relevant conversation on the strategies and opportunities that could be taken to achieve further success in these positions. This conversation was enhanced through presentations on; “Building your Brand”, “Tall Poppies and Maintaining your Confidence” as well as closer look into diversity in the workplace.

One of the core takeaways from the conference was the recognition that women in STEM need to be leaders in building a diverse and inclusive workplace. Through this, women can foster stronger, responsive and sustainable business practices that impact upon all levels of the business, from the bottom line, through to community engagement.

UBC recognizes the need for more women in STEM. Not only to strengthen industry, but also to provide a diverse range of opinions, solutions and ideas that can positively impact the world around us.

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