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Communication Dynamics: Professional Development Workshop

October 23, 2019

On September 30th, students from the UBC Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) and UBC Master of Health Leadership and Policy (MHLP) programs attended the “Communication Dynamics: Selling Ideas and Yourself” workshop led by Ivan Wanis-Ruiz from Speaking and Communication.

The workshop was designed to prepare students with a “utility belt” of communication tactics and strategies to use in any interaction scenario, including presentations, networking events and personal conversations.

Wanis-Ruiz emphasized the building of students’ presentation skills and introducing the basics of power presenting. He started by introducing members of the MEL and MHLP program to a variety of methods designed to assist them in better communicating their ideas. This included strategies such as the utilization of strategic sentence structures and the use of physical movement and stance to convey confidence.

He also delved into the creation and delivery of value statements while networking and presenting. This was based on a 4-step process intended to create sincere personal value statements.

The class was then immersed into an interactive workshop that encouraged students to apply and test their newly developed skills. Throughout the workshop, students participated in group discussions and practiced presenting their ideas utilizing the methods learnt in the session.

Students in the workshop responded early to the instruction as they recognised the need for clear and persuasive communications in leaders of the future.

If developing a better communication skillset whilst simultaneously developing your business and technical skills is something that appeals to you, learn more about the UBC MEL and MHLP by exploring what our programs have to offer.