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CanInfra Ideas Contest Finalists — Vote for MEL Grads

March 29, 2018

Kevin Chen and Allen Sebastian, who studied Urban Systems in the MEL degree, are in one of the top teams in the CanInfra Ideas Contest. Vote for their project CanConnect here.

Two past MEL in Urban Systems students, Kevin Chen and Allen Sebastian, have advanced to be one of the top twenty teams in the prestigious CanInfra Ideas Contest. The contest seeks individuals with big ideas that have transformational results for Canada’s infrastructure.

Chen and Sebastian’s project CanConnect presents an ambitious idea with a proposal for a two-stage digital connectivity program commencing with a 5-G network build-out among urban centers and aerial/balloon wireless network connectivity in remote areas leading to subsequent stage of digital infrastructure connectivity. Their project further aims to integrate different modes of infrastructure to build multi-modal corridors, enhance suburban and urban connectivity, enable development of smart cities, create energy management systems and enable internet-dependent new industries like (e.g. AI, blockchain). This would have an incredible impact on the digital infrastructure of Canada and provides endless avenues for connection.

Their proposal has been selected to stand amongst the top ideas in the country, and they are the only team from UBC and British Columbia to be in such standings. Inherent in the structure and curriculum of the MEL programs is real-world application and projects with tangible effects, which provides students like Chen and Sebastian a fantastic base that they were able to grow from and apply these skills towards CanConnect. Further advancement in the contest depends on public support through online voting.

Read all the details about their inspiring project, follow them on social media, and vote here.

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