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Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference

June 5, 2019

Canada Gas & LNG Conference

From May 21-31, more than 5000 industry professionals came together in Vancouver at the Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference. The event involved both an extensive technical exhibition and an informative seminar program. The conference was designed to highlight the opportunities, challenges, and possible solutions that impact Canadian Gas & LNG.

The conference began with an official ceremony on Tuesday morning, accompanied by a First Nations blessing. Shortly after, Bryan Cox, President & CEO of the BC LNG Alliance, gave a keynote address that set the tone for the conference.

Cox outlined an industry perspective on the current role of LNG in British Columbia. He described the progress made, the opportunities available for positive change, and honestly acknowledged the challenges that continue to press the gas and LNG industries.The conference created a platform for representatives from around the globe to exchange their unique perspectives with one another. The three-day conference allowed for a multitude of pressing questions to be explored by experts in an effort to improve and innovate within the industry.

The first day of the conference focused on a reflection and celebration of Canada Gas & LNG. On Wednesday, the focus shifted towards challenges that exist within the industry both locally and globally. The conference ended on Thursday with a positive prospective look at the future of the Gas & LNG with a focus on possible solutions to the challenges discussed the day prior. Overall, the annual event seeks to grow in-step with the dynamic Gas & LNG industry to accurately reflect the expansions that are taking place within the market, and provide an opportunity for professionals across the value chain to connect and collaborate.

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