Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Instruction and Leadership Team

Instruction Team

The instructors for the Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering are renowned experts who have built strong connections and research partnerships with leading industry players.

Jasmin Jelovica

Jasmin Jelovica

Jasmin Jelovica is the Seaspan Shipyards Chair in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. His degrees in naval architecture were awarded at the University of Rijeka, Croatia and Aalto University, Finland. He went on to become a lecturer of ship design at Aalto, before joining UBC in 2017. Jasmin is a member of International Ships and Offshore Structures Congress.


Jamsin Jelovica teaches the course CIVL 437: Intro to Ship Structures

Dr. Philip Koenig

Philip Koenig

Dr. Philip Koenig is a Visiting Scientist in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Koenig was appointed Director, Industrial and Economic Analysis Division, Naval Sea Systems Command (Washington, D.C.) in 2010. Prior government service was in ship design and industrial analysis positions in the Office of Naval Research, International Field Office Asia (Tokyo, Japan) and at NSWC Carderock Division (Bethesda, Maryland).


Dr. Philip Koenig teaches the course NAME 522: Ship Production & Industrial Engineering

Dr. Peter Ostafichuk

Peter Ostafichuk
Peter Ostafichuk is a Professor of Teaching of Mechanical Engineering and the Chair of First Year Engineering at the University of British Columbia. He completed his doctorate (UBC 2004) in the area of control and hydrodynamics of near-surface autonomous underwater vehicles. His primary teaching area is in engineering design and product development, and he has authored a textbook and numerous papers on the subject.


Dr. Peter Ostafichuk teaches the course NAME 566: Ship Dynamics & Control

Dr. Chris McKesson

chris mckesson

Dr. Chris McKesson began his engineering career as a naval architect and quickly established a reputation as an innovator and problem-solver. Dr. McKesson studied formal innovation methods that could be used in other fields of engineering and taught to other engineers; these methods are brought together in his 2013 PhD dissertation “Innovation in Ship Design.” Dr. McKesson brings together a passion for ship design with a fascination with the study of systematic engineering innovation.


Dr. Chris McKesson teaches the course NAME 578: Marine Engineering and MECH 488: Intro to Ship Hydrodynamics

Leadership Team

Get to know the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Directors who are leading the program.

Jon Mikkelsen

jon mikkelsen

Jon Mikkelsen is a strong supporter of extra-curricular design activities and serves as faculty advisor for several student teams including UBC Sailbot, UBC Supermileage and UBC Human Powered Submarine Team. He has been awarded the Wighton Fellowship for innovation in undergraduate experiments and is a Killam Teaching Prize recipient. Mikkelsen is active in several professional organizations and currently serves as chairperson of the Pacific Northwest Section of the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers.


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